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Right-Brained Math Resources for Struggling Students

Is your child struggling with math?

Does your child have trouble with math? Can't memorise math facts? Solves problems by counting on his fingers? Can't learn multiplication and division facts? Children who learn math easily are left brain dominant learners, while those who struggle with math are visual, right brain learners. Our right brain math resources and games make learning and understanding math easy because we utilise all the right brain elements that come naturally to right brain and visual/spatial learners.


What do Right-brained, Visual, & Kinesthetic learners need as they learn math?

  • Understand exactly what is happening in the problem.
  • Work the problem out with their hands and see the action of the problem.
  • See the “how many” of a number so they can solve problems mentally using dot patterns or another strategy that makes more sense to them.
  • Learn without having someone just tell them what to do. They need to understand the problem and then work out in their heads how to best solve it.

Our math resources all teach math concepts using elements that work beautifully for children who can’t learn math the left brain way! All math resources rely on right-brained tools so that children can learn and remember math facts and concepts successfully.

What are helpful right-brained hooks for learning math?

 ✔ Visuals in full color that let the child absorb the content in a glance

 ✔ Personification of symbols that make numbers into friends with personality

 ✔ Stories bring the process to life and create a unique way for children to remember the meaning behind math computation

 ✔ Numbers are arranged in patterns so children don't have to rely on memorization of individual facts but can instead call up the entire "map" of facts

 ✔ Body motions and hands-on activities provide understanding and hooks for memory for active and tactile learners

 If your child dislikes math, has trouble with memorisation, or is not sure of the meaning behind math procedures - get our right-brained math resources! Start now!