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Your child can learn sight words with SnapWords®

Is your child struggling to learn sight words? Does he struggle with reading? You may have been trying for months to get sight words help for your child – but nothing is helping. He just can’t remember words! 

The good news is that you have come to the right place. You CAN help your child learn sight words. We will provide you with proven resources to help your child learn easily and in a way that makes sense for him - which means you will see results right away. 

 snapwords pocket chart cards   

7 Benefits of using SnapWords®          

 Children stop sounding out every word

 They will capture the whole word as a picture 

 Their reading level & fluency will jump

 Their comprehension will improve

  Active children will capture words in a glance

  Active children will have a body motion 

  Children can use their learning strengths                                                                                           Download a free set of digraphs!


Find the answers to important questions about sight words and how to help:

Many children have trouble learning sight words and struggle with reading. Please read about why sight words are important in helping a child learn to read, why sight words are hard for some children, and how you can begin right now helping your child learn sight words unforgettably! 

Why are sight words important?

  • Sight words are important because they make up 80 - 90% of the words that appear in the books children read. If they know their sight words, they will be able to read. Just think, if your child can fluently read 80-90% of the words in a book, he will be able to focus on the 10% of words that are unknown.
  • Sight words are also important because every child is tested on sight words and these scores factor in their overall reading scores. If your child is in danger of being held back, please act now. Progress is rapid with SnapWords® because they are designed especially for struggling readers, visual, kinesthetic, right brained learners and beginners.

Why are sight words hard for some children?

  • Many words in our language cannot be sounded out so they will have to be learned another way. 
  • The primary hallmarks of children who struggle with reading are that they cannot memorize words, and that they cannot sound out words effectively.
  • Most struggling readers are visual learners who think in pictures, not symbols. Many sight words are abstract and the child cannot create a visual of the word in her head.

Resources and strategies that help your child learn sight words.

  • Our blog is full of information that will help you understand your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses.
  • Our blog will also provide you with strategies to help you teach your child to learn sight words easily.
  • Our sight words resources are located to the right by category. You will find that we have over 630 SnapWords® sight words in pictures that allow children to learn quickly and effectively.

How it all began:

SnapWords were designed by Sarah Major when she was teaching a group of kindergarteners They were bright kids, but they couldn’t learn and remember words. One day after sounding out “help” multiple times, Sarah was sad to find that no one remembered ever seeing the word before. In desperation she asked, “What does this word look like to you?” One little boy said, “It looks like someone raising his two arms and yelling “HELP!” And so SnapWords were born. Each word was designed with kid-feedback until the first 306 words were created and refined.



"My 5 year old daughter has motor skill delaysvisual processing issues and was diagnosed with ADHD all during her kindergarten year. She struggled to learn everything and most of it didn't stick. Her teacher met with me at the end of the third grading period and said based on her most recent evaluation, it would probably be best to retain her. While reading and researching any way I could to help her I came across your website. I worked with my daughter constantly over spring break using SNAPWORDS. By the end of spring break, she not only knew the 25 words she was required to know for kindergarten, but an additional 35!!!!  Her teacher just completed 4th quarter midterm testing. She called me personally to tell me that my daughter has made such amazing progress, she feel confident passing her and allowing her to move forward to first grade!! I couldn't be more satisfied with your product and I'm telling everyone about it; family, friends, her occupational therapist, teacher, other parents, groups on Facebook...EVERYONE. I can't thank you enough!

Thank you,
Danielle, Madelynn's mom"

Use SnapWords® and see the difference right away!