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SnapWords® List C Pocket Chart Cards


SnapWords® List C Pocket Chart Cards includes 59 high-frequency words.

If you have already taught SnapWords® Lists A and B (which I strongly recommend doing before starting with SnapWords® List C) the children will be familiar with the process of learning these words and will have learned to rely on their powerful capacity for committing the image to memory.

Each card is 11cm by 8.5cm. 

Let them take charge of their own process: give them a check list (see a link below for free printables) and have them work with a partner on learning and reviewing their words, checking off each word as they are able to read them instantly. You can use a fresh copy of the check off sheet for an assessment. I used to keep a stack of these checkoff sheets on a clip board. Each sheet had a student's name on it. Of course, each child was on a different list of words, but it didn't matter. I just kept a check off sheet for whatever list they were on.

Words included in List C:

SnapWords® sight words with pictures and movement

When they were able to read every word on the list by sight, they got a star and moved on to the next list of SnapWords®! Start today and expect incredible progress!

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