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Early Grades

Children in early Primary School grades who struggle are missing some basic skills that can be remedied using the right approach and the right tools. The BIG 3 tools are Visuals, Story, and Body Motions. All the recommended resources utilise these tools.

The basic skills that are needed are:

  1. Basic sounds - most especially their vowel sounds.
  2. Knowledge of high frequency/sight words is critically important. 
  3. Language patterns/sound spelling patterns will help them figure out unknown words.
  4. Addition & Subtraction math facts known instantly and fluently.


Alphabet Teaching Cards

The quickest and most effective way to gain knowledge of sounds and their letters is by using a resource that shows the letter made into an object that looks like the letter shape and has the sound of the letter as well.

Images are instantly snapped in children's memories, tying letter and sound together, and thus avoiding future problems connecting the two. Mini-lessons are printed on the back of each card, making it a cinch for the teacher to present new letters and sounds, teach tips for letter formation, know in which order to teach the writing of the letters, and much more. No lesson planning needed!


Sight Words

607 SnapWords Pocket Chart Cards

607 SnapWords® Pocket Chart CardsThe reason sight words are so important is that they make up most of the text children will read in the early grades. When children are learning to read, they have to spend so much time sounding out words and when that is mostly what they do, reading can be super tedious for them. Use SnapWords® to jump start your child into fluency and comprehension.

607 SnapWords Pocket Chart Cards
 actually provides you with 643 high-frequency words embedded in colourful images. You don't need to look any further for powerful resources to help your students learn sight words quickly and effectively. 


  • Lists A-G
  • Numbers, Colors, Days, Months & Seasons Pocket Chart Cards
  • Nouns List 1
  • Nouns List 2
  • Verbs
  • SnapWords® Mini-Lessons
  • The Complete Sight Words in Sentences (for practice in reading sight words in context).


Spelling & Phonics

The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns

The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling PatternsChildren who struggle with reading, spelling, and sounding out larger words will benefit from this resource. The visuals and patterns in this book make memorizing words, phonics rules, and decoding easy.

The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns will take the mystery out of words! Children who can't memorize will benefit from this approach to teaching phonics concepts, spelling, and sounds that require multiple letters. The book is entertaining, full of cartoons that help to drive the lessons home, and is funny. The book is leveled as to difficulty, starting at zero and moving clear through to the most advanced sound spellings in our language. This approach has worked to bring children up to grade level in reading very quickly.

A finite number of sounds make up all the words in the English language. With The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns, students learn to read/spell those sounds that are the building blocks of all words. Students are engaged in listening to sounds, finding patterns, and learning through cartoons and story bytes. The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns demystifies reading by giving students the tools they need to decode unknown, difficult words with ease.