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A note on coronavirus (COVID-19):

We are operating normally and expect to continue to do so, providing unique educational products delivered to your door at this difficult time. We are a small, family-operated business in rural Victoria with home-schooled children.  We are of course taking the same precautions as everyone else should be with regard to hygiene and health.  Please note that Australia Post have introduced some temporary changes to their processes, which you can read about here.

Who is Child1st Publications?

Child1st Publications LLC is a company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA with a mission to inspire children to Love Learning.  We accomplish this by designing unique learning resources that engage and stimulate the whole brain via elements such as images, body motions, and stories.  Sarah K. Major is the Founder and CEO of Child1st Publications LLC.  More information on Sarah and Child1st can be found on the About Us page.

Who is Child1st Publications Australia?

Child1st Publications Australia supplies Child1st products to parents, teachers, tutors and organisations in the Australian and New Zealand markets.  Child1st Australia is managed by Craft4Kids Pty Ltd from the city of Bendigo in Victoria, Australia.  We are the team behind online stores Craft4Kids Australia and Light Up Learning and are proud to be bringing Child1st's products to Australasia.  We also provided input into the new SnapWords® Global Expansion Pack, used to replace cards with American spellings or climate and other image differences with those appropriate for countries including Australian and New Zealand.

My child is struggling to learn to read.  Which products should I start with?

We recommend following the steps on our home page to identify the most appropriate products.  In general, the sequence of reading products is as follows:

The 607 SnapWords® Pocket Chart Cards Kit (Australia & NZ edition) includes all SnapWords® lists from the 306 and 301 kits, as well as SnapWords® Mini-Lessons, Complete Sight Words in Sentences and the SnapWords® Global Expansion Pack.

What is the difference between the Pocket Chart kits and the Teaching Cards kits?

The only difference is the size of the cards.  The Teaching Cards contain the same content as the Pocket Chart Cards. The only difference is size: Teaching Cards are 14cm x 10.8cm, while Pocket Chart Cards are 10.8cm x 7cm.  All cards are printed on high quality, thick and durable card stock.  The size of the Teaching Cards are best for working with larger groups of children, while the Pocket Chart Cards are great for working one-on-one, homeschooling or working with small groups.

I am a teacher, or represent a school.  How can I purchase from you?

There are two options.  If your school allows purchasing by credit card, you can order online through the checkout on this website.  If not, you can email a completed, official school purchase order through to us at  We will then be able to provide the products with an invoice (30 day payment terms apply).  Please note that our company name is Craft4Kids Pty Ltd (ABN 91 155 222 003), and we regularly supply schools and businesses though our other stores (Craft4Kids Australia and Light Up Learning).

All prices on this website are in Australian dollars and include GST.

Please call on 03 5449 7234 if you have any questions.

How much is delivery and how long will it take?

Please see our Ordering & Delivery page for details.

Where do you deliver to?

We currently send products to any address in Australia or New Zealand.  If you are outside of these countries, you can visit Child1st's USA website.