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For Children Who Struggle with Reading and Math:

The answer for children who struggle lies in incorporating right-brained elements such as visuals, body movement, and stories in teaching resources. We integrate left-brain content with right-brain functions so struggling children can be successful. 

Child1st resources are designed specifically for children who need visuals and movement to learn, including beginners, right-brained learners, visual and kinesthetic learners, children with dyslexia, autism, Asperger’s, auditory processing disorder, ADHD and more.


A large percentage of creative and bright children struggle with reading and math. The more work reading is, the more reluctant the children become. Or maybe the problem is math. Those math facts just don’t stick! Having resources designed especially for them will make all the difference! We can help! First do a simple test to find out if your child responds to a visual/tactile learning resource. Then find resources matching the skill level of your child

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