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How It All Began

How Child1st Began

In the late 1990's, I was teaching a group of preschoolers and noticed that while all the children seemed to be bright, some of them just couldn't remember concepts from one moment to the next, no matter how often I reviewed with them. It was as though nothing was sticking to their brains, and I wanted to find out how it could be that bright children fail in school. This was the burning question I hoped to answer in graduate school. What I found, however, was that much of remediation training focused on testing and identifying potential disabilities, none of which answered my initial question of why bright children struggle in school. Because I wasn’t finding the answer in my studies, I focused on the children, trying to learn from them what they were missing. 

The pivotal moment in my career came when I decided that everything I did as a teacher would be based on the premise that if a child was not learning, my teaching style and materials had to change to accommodate them.

In the years that followed, each encounter with a child was a learning moment for me. When working with children who seemingly couldn’t learn, I persistently tried one solution after another until I had a collection of tried and true elements to incorporate into my practice. Working as a Title1 director for Kindergarten through Middle School gave me the opportunity to really study the struggling child, and I found that no matter the age, the gaps in learning seemed to be consistent, and therefore, the remedies were also consistent from child to child. For the next few years, I developed various materials for teaching sounds and letters, numbers, and counting, words and sound spellings that I tested with my students with astonishing outcomes. The difference these teaching elements made on children who were not learning was as dramatic as flipping a switch, turning the room from dark to light.

In 2006, I took the leap and retired from teaching to devote myself full time to refining the teaching tools I had been using and to founding Child1st Publications. What started as a fledgling one-person operation in my home office has grown, thanks to the internet and word of mouth, to reaching customers in many countries of the world. In spite of the challenges of a sluggish economy, Child1st has grown steadily, proving the fact that many children, whether beginners, or those labeled with a variety of disabilities, are benefitting tremendously from being able to learn via pictures, body movement, story, and hands-on activities, all which engage the child and result in learning success.

Let’s join together in inspiring our children to Love Learning!

Sarah K Major


Sarah K. Major is the Founder and CEO of Child1st Publications LLC. She was the recipient of The Outstanding Parent Satisfaction award and The Major Academic Program Improvement awards during her tenure as Title 1 program designer/director. Her numerous books and multisensory learning resources such as: SnapWords®, Easy-for-Me™ Reading, the Right-Brained Math Series, The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns and more have earned a host of five-star reviews; and have helped to advance the education of children around the world. Ms. Major taught preschool through the 12th grade and holds a Master’s degree in Education and a Bachelor of Arts.