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Alphabet Tales (139 pages, full-colour)


Stories and images are powerful tools for captivating and teaching children. Alphabet Tales is filled with colourful illustrations, exciting and easy to understand language, and best of all… you get to meet the charming residents of Alphabury Wood and take part in their entertaining adventures throughout the book. From Abner Meets the Ants, to Zip and Zap Save the Day, each letter is represented by a lovable character your family will never forget! Perfect for family time, bedtime or anytime reading! 

Alphabet Tales includes hands-on follow-up activities which are excellent for beginners, and also for quick remediation for children who are shaky on letter sounds.


Each letter in the alphabet is designed to match its shape - the F is a FLAG, M is MOUNTAINS, for example. The tie to a known object links shape of letter to its sound. Images make it easy for children to learn sounds as they are learning a letter. The images and stories make it impossible for the child to forget the letter and its sound - one of the most fundamental and necessary skills needed for learning to read!  


Customer Review:
"Alphabet Tales is a brilliant resource to open the eyes of those who struggle to learn in more traditional ways. The stunning pictures and well thought our stories, invite readers of all levels to begin exploring and realizing their natural abilities to learn!" Theresa Almonte, Wyoming Public Schools 

By Sarah K Major. 139 full-colour pages, softcover.

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