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Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction book with Student Workbook CD-ROM


Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction takes a left-brained subject (using symbols, abstract concepts, rules to memorize) and integrates right-brained elements and body motion in order to engage the multiple regions in the brain in the learning process. This book introduces numbers including number recognition, counting, writing numbers, ordering numbers, number sense, and teaches addition and subtraction to ten.  

You will also receive the Right Brained Addition and Subtraction Student Workbook on CD-ROM, enclosed in a storage sleeve at the back of the book. This Student Workbook CD includes all the reproducible pages your students will need in an easy-to-use and print .PDF form.

For learning math facts over 10, buy the second book in this series: Right-Brained Place Value, Adding and Subtracting Numbers Over 10. This new edition of Addition & Subtraction is full color, is game-based, relies on the child's visual strengths for learning and remembering. This detailed book is packed with 101 pages of reproducible pages, educational games, assessments, math worksheets, and the answer keys. 180 pages total.


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