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Right-Brained Math Vocabulary K-3


Right-Brained Math Vocabulary is an amazing resource because it takes abstract math terms and packs them with right-brained tools for learning and understanding these terms.

Once children have:

  • studied the image
  • used the term in sentences
  • done a body motion 
  • listened to a story explaining what the term means and how to use it
  • thought about critical thinking questions
  • done a hands-on activity

...well, the vocabulary will be theirs! They will also understand far better what they are doing as they solve math problems!


Right-Brained Math Vocabulary includes 138 words for Kindergarten - 3rd grade. There are 8 categories of words including

  • Location
  • Geometry
  • Calendar
  • Number & Computation
  • Classification
  • Money
  • Measurement
  • Fraction

Right-Brained Math Vocabulary is a versatile resource! The pages are perforated so you can remove them, laminate them, and cut them apart. There are two double-sided lessons on each page. Once the lessons are cut apart, you may either gather them on a large loose leaf book ring, OR you can store the lessons in a large file box.170 pages total. Product code: RBMV.   


Right-Brained Math Vocabulary




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